Kerr County Friends of the Night Sky

Kerr County Friends of the Night Sky is a group of neighbors that seek to ensure the preservation of the dark sky for generations to come. A dark Kerr County sky cultivates a sense of place – a place we all love and cherish. We feel connected to our surroundings, each other, and our community through the shared night sky. The dark sky is a natural resource too precious to lose. We recognize that it will be increasingly difficult to protect our view of the cosmos, so we feel the conviction to work together to preserve the dark sky that makes Kerr County remarkable. We know that together we can accomplish more to carry this important work forward for the benefit of our community.

Our goal is to share with others the benefits that can be realized through properly managing outdoor lighting. We work cooperatively with the neighbors in our communities, local governments, and businesses to provide education and promote the stewardship of our night sky. We believe that retaining our view of the stars, even in the face of growth and change, is critical to ensure that Kerr County remains the truly special place that it is.